Friday, November 4, 2016

Carryout Charcoal

In this art work I was trying to draw a take-out carton in a way that separates the page and the chopsticks lead you into the picture. I had the carton divide the paper by making sure it hit 3 corners of the page and had the chopsticks coming out of the carton. I was surprised at how many shades and values could be made with the same piece of charcoal. My drawing is about value. My most difficult challenge was the inside of the take-out box and I met this challenge by using the darkest charcoal for the folded sides in the carton and the bottom of the box. I felt the shift to the right side of my brain when I stopped talking and focused more on my artwork. My favorite part of my art work is how the chopsticks disappear into the carton. I learned how lighting placement affects the casting of the shadows. Jessica's artwork is very beautiful and I learned how contrast in the shading can really make art work pop. If I had a do-over I would have had a greater contrast of values in my artwork. I feel best about the shading of the chopsticks.


  1. I like how the chopsticks lead you into the mysterious depths. the little bit of light on them works to give added interest

  2. Depth! And as Mr. Gaudreau said I like how it looks kind of mysterious and your eye is being led into the depth of that.