Friday, September 30, 2016

Ed Ruscha Paper Words

In my artwork I intended to create a realistic still life out of a paper word sculpture. I used shadows and kept the paper ribbons the same width in my drawing.  I also tried to relate my artwork closely to the artwork of Ed Ruscha by drawing an egg on my paper. I did this because in many of Ruscha's works there were other things besides the letters such as water droplets or an olive. My drawing is about dramatic shadows and realism. I found it difficult to draw the paper letters by the sculpture rather than just writing large words. To meet that challenge I tried to see the paper only as paper instead of letters. Throughout this project I learned about shadows. Ed Ruscha is a mentor that helped me because I used blocky shadows like the ones some of his works include. In my class, Ivy's letters were shadowed in a way that made them look like ribbons. If I had a do over I would have made the width of my letters dramatically large and in print instead of cursive. I feel best about the S, I, and C in my artwork.

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