Monday, November 21, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

My charcoal drawing is called A Walk in the Woods. I chose to draw this because it reminds me of when I felt peaceful and content. I did not put a lot of detail into the trees and the leaves because I wanted the viewer to focus on the figure.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Carryout Charcoal

In this art work I was trying to draw a take-out carton in a way that separates the page and the chopsticks lead you into the picture. I had the carton divide the paper by making sure it hit 3 corners of the page and had the chopsticks coming out of the carton. I was surprised at how many shades and values could be made with the same piece of charcoal. My drawing is about value. My most difficult challenge was the inside of the take-out box and I met this challenge by using the darkest charcoal for the folded sides in the carton and the bottom of the box. I felt the shift to the right side of my brain when I stopped talking and focused more on my artwork. My favorite part of my art work is how the chopsticks disappear into the carton. I learned how lighting placement affects the casting of the shadows. Jessica's artwork is very beautiful and I learned how contrast in the shading can really make art work pop. If I had a do-over I would have had a greater contrast of values in my artwork. I feel best about the shading of the chopsticks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Charcoal Pumpkins

In this artwork I was trying to make the pumpkins look like they were emerging from the darkness in my paper while keeping in mind Erin Cone's modern organization in her artwork. I accomplished this by using my eraser to draw the pumpkins instead of charcoal first and creating to sections in my drawing. I was surprised that I could create something by using mostly an eraser. My drawing is about contrast of values. My  most difficult challenge was drawing the stem if the second pumpkin. I met that challenge by trying not to think of the stem as a stem and tried to draw it as its own shape. I experienced the shift to my right brain when i was erasing the lit part of my pumpkins rather than sketching out the outline of my pumpkin.My drawing really works in between the bottom and middle pumpkin where the black blends them both together. I learned that there always small changes that you could make in your artwork despite how long you work on it. Michaela had a skull in her artwork and it was shading very smoothly and it looked like it was glowing. If I had a do-over i would put a skull in mine or carve the pumpkin and put a candle in it. My favorite thing in my artwork would be the organization in the background.

Monday, October 24, 2016

5 Rooms Coming Out of the Darkness

this is my mother's room

this is a large window

this is the dining room

this is also the dining room

this one is a statue outside of a restaurant 

Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Things I'm Obsessed With

I am obsessed with tumblr.

I'm obsessed with dogs.

I'm obsessed with Animal Crossing. 
I'm obsessed with food.
And I'm obsessed with iced coffee.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Family Portraits

My family on netflix.
Shoes by the door.

My friends are family.

My friend and dogs.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ed Ruscha Paper Words

In my artwork I intended to create a realistic still life out of a paper word sculpture. I used shadows and kept the paper ribbons the same width in my drawing.  I also tried to relate my artwork closely to the artwork of Ed Ruscha by drawing an egg on my paper. I did this because in many of Ruscha's works there were other things besides the letters such as water droplets or an olive. My drawing is about dramatic shadows and realism. I found it difficult to draw the paper letters by the sculpture rather than just writing large words. To meet that challenge I tried to see the paper only as paper instead of letters. Throughout this project I learned about shadows. Ed Ruscha is a mentor that helped me because I used blocky shadows like the ones some of his works include. In my class, Ivy's letters were shadowed in a way that made them look like ribbons. If I had a do over I would have made the width of my letters dramatically large and in print instead of cursive. I feel best about the S, I, and C in my artwork.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 of My Favorite Places

My bed because I am pretty lazy.

My fridge because I am always hungry.

Waffle House because it is my favorite breakfast place and has the best hashbrowns.

This is the vegetarian aisle of Walmart because I am vegetarian and I love Walmart.

My closet because I setup my computer in there and I am always playing video games.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Non-Selfie Selfies

These are a some non-selfie selfies. I used photoshop for the last one with my face in the coffee. I used snapchat for the dog ears and photo booth for the funny swirl picture.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This is my Erin Cone spread. I chose Erin Cone to be my mentor because I liked how her paintings looked like the cover of a magazine. I had a lot of fun creating this and it was my first time using pastels..